Cycling routes

There are many biking options in our area from easy, family friendly routes to more challenching ones. You can bike on your own or ask us to arrange guided bike trips with our experienced guides.

Cycling routes around Hotel Lyra Plitvice


Have you ever dreamed of flying? EXPERIENCE REAL ADRENALINE ON ONE OF THE LONGEST ZIPLINES IN THE WORLD. Imagine being 80 meters above the ground and flying at a speed of 120 km/h and traveling almost two kilometers overlooking the landscape of beautiful Lika.

Zipline near Hotel Lyra Plitivce

Quad safari

Powerful quads will take you through various roads and trails through the forests and mountains of the Plitvice Valley. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

Quad safari at Hotel Lyra Plitvice

Horseback riding

Get in touch with nature by riding through the picturesque landscape of the Plitvice valleys. There are many riding option, suitable for all ages, for experienced riders or complete beginners.

Horseback riding at Hotel Lyra Plitvice